Customized facial and body treatment with Panestetic’s Quin5

MULTIFUNCIONAL machine to create a customized FACIAL and BODY treatment.

  1. Radio Frequency – ANTIAGE for face. Filling and lifting effect. Scientifically proven. The effectiveness of the treatment is immediately visible right after the first treatment and improves progressively in the next 4/6 months.
  2. Mesoporation- face and body FOR A BETTER ACTION OF THE TECHNOLOGIES. A revolutionary technology, safe and painless, which allows the penetration in the dermis of active substances.
  3. Radio Frequency and photostimulation FOR A FIRMING ACTION Radio frequency is the less invasive treatment to reach a tone and firm body in just a few sessions. This treatment combines photostimulation with quadripolar radiofrequency to fasten the cellular metabolism, body toning, skin tightening and antiaging for the body.
  4. Ultrasounds BODY COUNTOURING the use of ultrasounds at a specific frequency allows the treatment of fat and cellulite, resulting in an esthetic and functional improvement of the patient’s silhouette
  5. Endodrainage mechanical massage performed with the aid of a sophisticated equipment that uses rollers exerting a positive pressure associated with the application of negative pressure on the skin. Lifting effect on the imperfections of the skin surface.


  • Because with an esthetic machine you have available all the technologies to get visible results on FACE and BODY
  • Because we give you the tools and training courses to promote it to your clients.
  • Because there are so many of your colleagues that are enthusiastic to use Quin5 in their beauty center or clinic.
  • Because you can choose from many protocols and also use the individual technologies in combination with your cosmetic line.
  • Because it is an excellent italian product developed thanks to research and knowledge of the needs of the market.
  • Because it’s intuitive and is combined to an innovative manual protocol..
  • Because your clients trust you and you can not disappoint them.

… … contact us to learn all the other GOOD REASONS to choose QUIN5!

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