Research & Development

The elements that highlight the value of a product are many. Often, the attention stops at important factors such as beauty or effectiveness, but besides these, there is a lot more.

Panestetic believes that the journey is important as the destination and in order to reach the development of an innovative product, one must consider the feasibility of each element that compels it.

A qualified team of professionals with high expertise in the field works in that direction focusing on analysis, technical-scientific research, electronic and mechanical design, studying and developing directly all user interfaces of our machines and technologies.

Each Panestetic technology is provided with the technical documents needed by the operators to learn easily theoperating functions. Moreover Panestetic guarantees accurate instructions to the service managers guaranteeing continuous and perfect tracking and serial numbers of each machine in Italy and worldwide.

Panestetic, as a manufacturer of esthetic technologies, is associated with FAPIB (Italian association of manufacturer of beauty machines) . Each equipment is manufactured in full compliance with the standards of the European Union and is regularly subject to strict compliance checks.