Body Radiofrequency Devices

Radiofrequency equipment for body

Radiofrequency machines for body perform real firming treatments, suitable for women and men of all ages.

With radiofrequency devices it is possible to carry out preventive, stimulating or repairing treatments (in case of skin laxity and atony) in the most critical areas, such as décolleté, arms, inner thighs, knees.

Body radiofrequency with professional machines is also particularly indicated to treat the abdomen, for example after a strict diet or in case of skin relaxation after childbirth. In these cases, in fact, the action of the treatment creates a significant and physiological improvement of skin texture and makes the skin smoother, more radiant and elastic, even after a few sessions.

In recent years, the radiofrequency treatment to tone up the glutes has also proved to be very successful. It is highly requested by women of all ages, from teenagers to women who, despite their advancing age, love to take care of themselves to feel attractive and fit.

Panestetic has devised a real application protocol for body radiofrequency treatments, a protocol that allows to enhance the beneficial effects of this technology through the use of an ad hoc machine.

Having a radiofrequency device allows any beauty center and wellness center to expand its offer, thus providing its customers with an effective, safe and free of contraindications solution to tone their body.

Minimizing and solving different types of problems – caused, for example, by weight variations, the passage of time and an unhealthy lifestyle – will be simple and painless thanks to the cutting-edge technology of our radiofrequency equipment for body.

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Radiofrequency for body: what is its purpose?

More specifically, what is radiofrequency used for on the body? It has many benefits:

  • It smooths wrinkles in critical areas,
  • It firms and reshapes tissues,
  • It speeds up the body’s natural regenerative processes,
  • It improves tissue oxygenation and microcirculation,
  • It stimulates the natural generation of collagen and hyaluronic acid;
  • It promotes the elimination of toxins.

The aesthetic radiofrequency for body, in essence, allows to minimize the effects of skin aging obtaining a constant and prolonged benefit in terms of tone and firmness of the epidermis.

The first results will be visible in the days immediately after the session; to obtain a lasting effect, a weekly session is recommended for the first two weeks, then a session every two weeks for a month and finally a treatment every month for the next two months.

Panestetic’s machines are designed with state-of-the-art technologies, all of which are very easy to use, and will give your clients the tangible and lasting results they want.

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Industry 4.0: tax incentives

Some of Panestetic’s body machines with radiofrequency fall under the Industry 4.0 plan. Check if your country grants tax incentives for Industry 4.0!

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