Developed in the Panestetic Technology Labs in Italy and after several efficacy tests,4 Shape is a multifunctional , easy-to use and innovative beauty device.Body equipment at the forefront of innovation4-Shape combines four different technologies for customized treatments: slimming, body re-shaping, reducing and toning treatments..


  1. Draining :innovative hand piece that works with three different drainages adaptable to the type of tissue to treat.
  2. Shaping Wave Direct action on localized fat, cellulite, edema thanks to a deep mechanical action generated by a considerable pressure created by an energy wave.
  3. Mesoporation needle free: delivery of the active ingredients for an amazing result. It is an important instrument to increase the results
  4. Bioradiolift combination of technologies for visible results in terms of skin tightening, lifting and skin toning.


  • Because it is a machine equipped with the most effective technologies for BODY treatments.
  • Because the effectiveness is supported my several clinical tests.
  • Because the beauty therapists that are using it are enthusiastic of the results reached.
  • Because you can watch video tutorials directly on the display of the device.
  • Because we give you the tools and training courses to present the treatment among your customers at best.
  • Because you need an innovative and extremely effective.
  • Because you can choose among several protocols and use each technology with your cosmetic line.

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