Pressotherapy Machine

Pressotherapy machine

The machines for pressotherapy, increasingly used by various beauty centers and physiotherapy centers, perform a very effective treatment that facilitates the movement of body fluids, thus counteracting the occlusion of lymphatic vessels and restoring a normal venous circulation.

Panestetic pressotherapy devices reduce, in a short time, the various problems related to swelling of the lower limbs, as well as those of cellulite and, more generally, the problems due to water retention.

Panestetic pressotherapy machines are particularly recommended, as they do not create pressure gaps: the treatment carried out will therefore remind the client of the movements of a real massage.

Pressotherapy machine Linfopress+

The pressotherapy machine Linfopress+, manufactured by Panestetic, stimulates the main points of lymphatic circulation to restore its normal functioning through a system of sequential inflation of the air chambers contained in the legs sector: the system follows the normal circulation of the body, specifically a direction that goes from the periphery of the body to the center.

Besides improving water retention, the pressotherapy machine Linfopress+ has a positive effect on those who want to correct and re-harmonize their lymphatic circulation. The functioning of the technological pressotherapy machine is very simple and intuitive. Thanks to the various preset programs and to its full adaptation to the characteristics of the treated customer, Linfopress+ quickly facilitates drainage and frees the body from excess waste products.

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