Pressotherapy Machine

Pressotherapy machine

The pressotherapy machine, increasingly used by several aesthetic and physiotherapeutic centers, performs a very effective treatment that enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance, increasing venous flow (blood flow to the heart). The toxins are then naturally flushed by the body through the lymphatic system. Pressotherapy devices therefore is used to lymphatic drainage (alleviate oedema or swelling of the leg), as well as those of cellulite imperfections and, more generally, the problems of water retention.

The pressotherapy machine is particularly recommended because the treatment performed seems a real massage.

Pressure Therapy Machine Linfopress

The pressotherapy machine manufactured by the Panestetic laboratories, operates by using inflation pumps, stimulates the points of the lymphatic circulation for a perfect lymphatic drainage.

In addition in order to improve water retention, Linfopress’s play a positive role in those who want to correct and re-harmonize the lymphatic circulation.. The operation of this technologically-advance pressotherapy machine Linfopress is very simple and intuitive. Thanks to the various pre-set programs and its full adaptation to the characteristics of the treated patient, Linfopress facilitates the drainage quickly and removes toxins from the body.

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