Linfopress +

Entirely designed and created by Panestetic’s R&D laboratories, Linfopress + represents the evolution of pressotherapy.

Combining pressure sequences on 8 independent sectors, it has a positive effect on the venous and lymphatic circulation, it successfully fights fluid retention, ectasia and in general the most common imperfections.

With Linfopress+ it will be possible to shape every body in an effective and natural way, calibrating and adjusting the pressure intensity on the tissues depending on personalized combinations.

The machine is equipped with the new Advanced Check Up System through which it is possible to select the characteristics of the customer and obtain the ideal combination of 4 programs in a single treatment, which can then be saved in the machine software, so as to speed up the subsequent sessions. In addition, the machine is equipped with:

  • Exclusive foldable body suit that can be adjusted depending on the client’s height
  • Exclusive color display to select and monitor the inflation areas
  • Pre-inflation and deflation program to save time and increase the effectiveness of each treatment
  • Comfortable bodysuit holder and trolley with holder for easy and fast movements
  • Unique and exclusive accessories, such as groin and feet sectors, in order to obtain a localized pressure in specific and fundamental points for the drainage of liquids.

Linfopress+ is the new professional answer to give the body an evolved sensation of lightness.

The result is an incredibly effective and complete drainage, on specific points or on wide areas.

Linfopress + is an unmissable opportunity for your beauty center!

  • Easy to use
  • Specific training
  • 360˚ marketing support
  • Made in Itly Technology

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