Eosonic Evolution

Shaping wave, photobiostimulation and radiofrequency with Eosonic Evolution

Thanks to the research conducted by the Panestetic laboratories, after 15 years of worldwide success, we are ready to launch the new Eosonic Evolution.

The secret of the success of Eosonic, development in 2002, consisted in the capacity of the device to work unattended, without the operator, offering to the clients pleasant and efficient aesthetic treatments, with visible results on all body areas, not only on localized zones.

The new Eosonic Evolution is created keeping in mind these winning characteristics, integrating the most recent technological innovation, expertly combined in order to obtain perfect synergies of actions for several beauty needs.

From the need of reducing volumes and shaping the body globally, to the focus on single areas and specific blemishes, the new Eosonic is a futuristic device which is able to guarantee more solutions in one treatment.

Eosonic Evolution has 8 transducers that work independently in an extremely effective way thanks to 3 technologies: SHAPING WAVE with a reducing/toning/shaping effect, IR PHOTOBIOSTIMULATION to tone, accelerate the metabolism and regenerate the tissues, RADIOFREQUENCY to tone the tissues and treat orange-peel skin.

Moreover Eosonic Evolution is equipped with 2 dynamic hand pieces: SHAPING WAVE and the DYNAMIC DRAINING through which it is possible to implement the unattended treatment with an added manual action or increase the results of the aesthetic treatments performed with cosmetic products.

The combination of transducers and hand pieces allows to obtain incredible results: reduction of volumes, redefining the most difficult areas, localized action on fat deposits or culotte de cheval, abdomen reduction, specific drainage, anti-aging and firming action.

Eosonic Evolution is a complete device, which is equipped with wheels to move it easily. The color screen-touch display allows to set treatments easily according to the needs of every client.

The mix of possible treatments which are possible with Eosonic Evolution, makes the device, designed by Panestetic, a new effective beauty ally.

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