30 Days no sugar challenge

10 April 2017

You cannot say no if your friends offer you sweets and you hardly resist a piece of cake. Everyone of us has its weaknesses.

Are you the kind of person that drinks coffee with no sugar? You hardly ever drink carbonated soft drink? It’s been a long since the last time you ate cookies, sweet snacks and chocolates?

Then, you don’t need an “anti-sugar” treatment.

When you go grocery shopping you fill your cart with confectionery and candies, if there’s chocolate at the office or at home you just have few pieces.

You cannot say no if your friends offer you sweets and you hardly resist a piece of cake. Everyone of us has its weaknesses.

So, since you like sweets, challenge yourself: a 30 Days no sugar challenge!
First day: Opt for a light and sugarless breakfast.

Ok, you’re on track! But, while you are storing your groceries you find a piece of chocolate, you cut a piece and eat it, without even realizing it.

After 50 minutes from the beginning of your sugar-free life you already broke the pact you made with yourself. A little hiccup at the beginning, but diets aren’t usually starting on Monday?

Second day: Breakfast rigorously without sugar.

You do not prepare anything to bring at the office for lunch. So you go out and feel that sushi sounds like a good idea and while you’re queuing to order, you remember that in sushi’s rice could be is sugar. Then sashimi it is.

Work day it’s very intense and you cannot catch a break. Usually in these situations you find comfort in something sweet but you try to be strong and just feed yourself  with some walnuts.

You arrive at home and you choose a protein and veggie – based light dinner .

It’s done! Sugarless eating requires a strong concentration.

Why is sugar so dangerous?

It’s everywhere, at least in 80% of pre-packed products.

It creates addiction and wreak a little havoc in our organism: it makes energy levels go up and down and does the same with hormones levels.

Over time these fluctuations create an imbalance in the proper functioning of the system.

Plus if sugar energy is not burned right away it turns into fat.

1.     Sugar hides everywhere

When you go grocery shopping read the labels e surely you will find sugar among the ingredients of many products.

Furthermore, it can hide under many forms: it is possible you will not read directly the word “sugar” but if the ingredients end in –OSE  they contain sugar for sure.

A breakfast with cereals, yogurt & fruit and a glass of orange juice can contain up to 14 teaspoon of sugar (the recommended daily dose is 7)

2.     More focus and no sleepiness

Focus replace fatigue, Sleepiness around 3 p.m. disappears and you will no longer need sugar to face it.

3.     Beautiful skin / Better skin

Skin will be less oily than before in the “T” zone (forehead-nose-chin). Sugar in excess greases the skin and can even cause spots and accentuation of wrinkles.

It’s not enough to take care of the skin from the outside, you have to operate as well from the inside.

Will you still eat sugary food? Yes but for sure you will be more careful buying pre – packed food and focused on the daily intake of sugar.

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Credits by Runtastic