4Shape: 5 technologies to get a Bikini Body

16 November 2016

Statistically women ask for body treatments in springtime to get a bikini body before summer arrives.

To get a bikini body before summer the better is to schedule a “treatment plan”, so that it’s possible to have enough time to give the body different type of stimulations using different technologies keeping in mind the healthy aspects.

Beauty therapists have to face a great demand of fat reduction treatments, improve in the appearance of skin and reduction of cellulite and skin tightening treatments.

With such a short time it is obvious that the final results do not meet always the expectations of customers.

The truth is that those expectations can’t be met because, what people do not consider is that the human body, even if it is a very efficient machine, needs the right time to perform and complete its metabolic activities.

To get the most satisfactory and long-lasting results the treatment sessions should start earlier.

Considering the aforementioned, 4Shape, is a multifunctional device with 5 different technologies that can be used in synergy by increasing the effects of each treatment.

The fundamental reasons to use 4Shape are:

1. Since it’s a multifunctional device it allows to have different forms of energy and stimulations that can be used also in synergy.
2. The personalization of the treatments
3. The possibility to create a “Treatment Plan” so that it is possible to create a cycle of treatments using different technologies focused on the imperfection to treat.

For example if you have to treat an “orange-peel skin”, the treatment plan should consider:

  • Reduction of fibrosis
  • Reduction of fat incorporated into the collagenous fibers
  • Improvement of the microcirculation
  • Alkalisation of the tissues
  • Tonification of the tissues
  • It’s like treating the problem from A to Z, using the right treatment schedules in relation to the response time of the metabolic processes of the body.

4. Possibility to create a series of treatments focused on the health and well-being of the body and of the tissues or provide treatments more focused on the prevention anticipating the blemishes.

For example using mesoporation to deliver the anti-oxidants or using other technologies to oxygenate the tissues.

5. Possibility to retain customers, make the customer feel important because it’s possible to personalize a customized “treatment plan” for each customers.

So when approaching the body it’s not possible to think about the body imperfections as a problem caused by a single factor but it is a result of different types of physiological responses and / or metabolic properties of the body.

So it’s very important to work on the body using a device with different stimulations in order to get the desired results.

By Dr. Emanuel Paleco