6 July 2017

Read some tips on fighting rough skin, shaving without any irritation, getting a perfect tan and much more

Show off your skin with pride this summer!

Scheduling vacation and buying a new swimsuit make you already mentally feel lying on the beach, but is your skin ready to show off?

To obtain a gorgeous skin and take it out of hibernation you should follow an effective routine.

1 Reveal a radiant skin 

Exfoliation must be a part of a routine to achieve a healthy skin, no matter the season; It makes your skin look young and radiant but it has to be carefully performed. It’s a process of removal of dead cells in favor of new ones.

It can be performed through different methods: exfoliating jute gloves, scrub with granular micro particles or microdermabrasion treatments such as Dermopeel by Panestetic.

On the body it is better to use a scrub that contains particles easily dissolvable so you don’t irritate the skin.

2 Remove hair without irritation

If your summer forecasts sunny days at the beach or poolside then an accurate and lasting epilation is necessary.

There are different ways to remove hair, from waxing to permanent laser hair removal, such as Delighter by Panestetic.

But once removed unwanted hair it is important to care of the skin before exposing it to the sun.

Before rolling out your beach towel it is necessary to give your skin a break. Follicles are vulnerable to irritation and skin remain sensitive after any kind of hair-removal treatment, so, after them stay away from the sun or heat for at least 48 hours.

To prevent post waxing ingrown hair it’s helpful to wear comfortable clothes and use after-waxing products containing glycolic and Salicylic acids which combines to prevent the outbreak of annoying pimples, such as FOLISAN by Dèpileve

3 Fight UV Rays With Food

The effort to get a beautiful skin it’s vain if you don’t protect it from damaging sun rays that during summer are strongest. Surprisingly you can protect yourself  from the inside too. Beside using sun screen there are some foods that are helpful in preparing the skin to sun exposure like cooked tomatoes.

According to a recent research, cooked tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that helps to fight the effects of UV rays such as redness, swelling and blistering from sunburn.

If you are planning to spend a lot of time outdoor you can benefit from eating tomato sauce, grilled tomatoes or even drinking Bloody Mary.

4 Reduce Cellulite

First, the good news: some treatments can reshape the body and fight cellulite if performed with consistency and periodically, such as 4shape by Panestetic

The bad news: It’s impossible to get rid of cellulite forever. Opting for smoothing and toning products, to make your skin more polished and defined at the beach.

If you are looking for a product like these, look for those containing caffeine and theophylline that temporarily dehydrate adipose cells, however, is the combination with  the massage performed during the application of the cream, and the physical activity which grants lasting results!

5 Don’t neglect your feet

If you stuffed your feet in a pair of boots all winter, you probably need a little miracle to get your feet ready for sandal season.

Program a series of treatments to show off well cared and smooth feet at the beach.

Firstly, remove more thick skin with a basic exfoliation. Then apply an extra nourishing mask and a repairing balm. Repeat every day until your feet get a smooth skin, and then once a week to keep the skin soft.

We suggest you to perform this program wit Belfeet’s products, a cosmetic line that respond to every need and necessity. In the same line you can find products to improve circulation, for fatigued feet and essential oils.

Find them in the best salons, for further detail contact us.