Autumn in Beauty. Our best Beauty Treatments Tips

19 October 2017

The natural environment has its own seasonal biorhythms and each season gives different stimulations to the skin (heat, cold, sun, etc.).

In Autumn exfoliating treatments are precious allies to have a bright and youthful skin. There are two particular reasons:

In Autumn the weather is still mild, the temperatures are ideal for those treatments.

This doesn’t mean that during winter is not recommended to have exfoliating treatment but when the weather is colder the skin undergoes greater stress.

When you exfoliate the skin, in fact, no matter the type of exfoliating cosmetic product used (based on acid or enzymes), the skin surface is drier than normal and the cold accentuates this situation.

The redness is temporary and it’s a small price to pay in exchange for a great result.

After exfoliation, it is advisable to use a more nourishing cream than the one normally use and a mask once a week to quickly restore the hydrolipidic layer, especially for alipidic-dry skin.

The natural environment has its own seasonal biorhythms. Each season has specific characteristics and gives different stimulations to the skin (heat, cold, sun, etc.).

The biorhythms of the skin in autumn shows the need for skin renewal and restoring the skin after summer which is the season that puts a strain on our skin, as it represents the period of greater energetic activity and greater stress.

There is therefore also the need to “repair” the damage caused by the oxidative stress of summertime, hyperactivity and increased exposure to UV rays and restore the optimal physiological activity that allows us to better face the winter, another season critical for the skin.

The deep exfoliation treatments make it possible to treat many blemishes.

Optimize cell turnover, reduce thickening, lighten melanin spots, fight skin aging and make the skin smooth and compact, preparing it for the restorative cosmetic treatments recommended in winter.