Awake your Beauty with the oxygen

30 March 2017

Pesticides, smoke, carbon dioxide emissions from cars, polluted fog that affects our cities are factors that reduce considerably the quantity of pure oxygen in the environment.

Our skin suffers from the effects of this pollution.

Reduction of cells activity, premature aging of the epidermal cells, loss of firmness e dull complexion are the visible consequences of the lack of oxygen of the skin.

Skin oxygenation slows down the ageing process stimulating a better circulation in blood vessels within the skin.

It is proven that the presence of oxygen facilitates the delivery of the active ingredients of the cosmetics products, enhancing the effectiveness.

You just have to provide the skin with the right amount of oxygen to revitalise, refresh and tone it.

We suggest 2 solution to revitalise your face:

Needle- free Oxygen therapy

Latest generation systems, specifically designed, allow to perform intra-dermal treatments.

Thanks to a pressurised pure oxygen flow, the intra-dermal treatment allows the cosmetic’s active ingredients to be delivered.

This type of treatment revives, oxygenates, tones the skin and at the same time guarantees protection against free radicals.


Moreover in order to  face the problem of pollution damages, you can perform therapeutic inhaling sessions.

Associated with aromatherapy, Inhalation therapy stimulates metabolic functions.

You can choose to stimulate, relax or purify your body and mind or to decongest your respiration.

It depends only on the essential oil you decide to use.

It is therefore possible to “de-pollute”  your skin through the specific machine which enables metabolic strengthening and cell regeneration.

This is an effective response to slow down ageing process, strengthen and tone the skin which is asphyxiated and stressed by the pollutants with which we coexist every day.