Back to Work

7 September 2017

Sooner or later you must go back to work.

After spending countless days waking up late, watching your favorite TV programs, relaxing on the beach, suddenly the time have passed by and it’s time to go back to work.

Here are some tips that will help you to get back to your daily routine while remaining relaxed and calm.

1 Organize your workstation

Thousands of e-mails to open and things to do. Rather than ignoring them and postpone, take a few minutes to figure it out. Open the e-mails and sort them out. The more you wait, the more difficult it is to handle them.

2 Make a list of your priorities

Fix your work priorities. Before leaving for the holidays, probably you left some outstanding work. Start to manage that.

3 One thing at a time

You will be tempted to work on three different projects at once to reach your goals faster. This is not the best approach, it will only confuse you and stress you more. Focused only on a task at a time. You have just returned from a relaxing holiday, why stress yourself if you can avoid it?

4 Avoid unnecessary distractions

To ensure that your return to work is as fluid as possible, avoid unnecessary distractions. In this way you will deal effectively and quickly without being disturbed every five minutes. Turn off your cellphone and stop all social activities.

5 Schedule something rewarding to do during your first week back to work

You’re back to work, but that does not mean you can’t have fun or take care of yourself. Schedule an appointment with your friends and choose a treatment can relax you.

6 Do not leave the office late

You are not an hero. The fact that you’ve been on vacation does not mean that you must work harder than usual. If necessary, fix a reminder that reminds you that you have to leave the office on time.

7 Take a break

It may take several days for you to feel completely back to work as usual. Be calm and relaxed and you will return to your routine without any effort.

Which of these tips do you think are useful to go back to your daily routine after your vacation? Please leave a comment below.