Beauty Treatments and Technology

4 December 2017

More and more customers are relying on new technologies, collecting the wonderful effects of these treatments.

Why people choose Technologic Beauty Treatments?

Because they are non-invasive procedures and they can illuminate, firm or regenerate the skin.

Today, when you enter a beauty institute, something curious happens.

Looking at the list of beauty treatments, you find more and more terms such as “mesoporation”, “radio-frequency”, “ultrasound”, “diode laser”, “oxygen” rather than massage, facial cleansing, anti-cellulite treatment.

Don’t worry! you are in an aesthetic center despite the technical terminology!

Today’s clients are really demanding and they want to get the best out of cosmetic treatments.

Technology can offer a more effective beauty experience. 

Some devices, through specific hand pieces, facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients in the skin to further enhance the results.

Cells, tissues and muscles can be stimulated in a way that only hands cannot do.

The results are incredible with ultrasound, radiofrequency, dermabrasion, permanent hair removal with diode laser.

The scars heal quickly, the fine lines are reduced, the deep wrinkles soften, the body is shaped giving a more youthful and beautiful appearance.

The main concern is to find qualified or trained technicians to provide the treatments correctly and safely, moreover the machines must be manufactured following the highest safety standards.

The combination of ingredients, hands and technology has developed a truly “special” wellness experience for the clients of the beauty centers. 

Panestetic has devoted all his life to research ans achieve this result.

The Panestetic technologies meet all the safety standards, and if used in combination with the Electra Tech Cosmetics, the cosmetic line specially designed to be used in combination with devices, you can really get the best of excellence.

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