Carrots and sun. False myth or truth?

3 September 2018

There are really conflicting opinions. Some says that carrots increase melanin, while others says the other way around.

It is a common knowledge that carrots stimulate your skin to tan.

“Eat carrots, you’ll see how you get tanned,” grandmothers are used to say.

But is it really true? or is it the usual cliché?

It seems that the illusion of a consistent tan, due to carrots, is linked to the golden orange tone of the tanned skin.

Experts say that tanning is strictly determined by the production of melanin instead, and there seems to be no link between carrots and melanin.

Carrots are very useful vegetables

The Retinol (Vitamin A) contained in carrots, provides an antioxidant action, preventing skin aging and protecting from UVA and UVB rays.

So it protects the skin from sunburns and rashes.

Moreover, Carrots are also very useful in nutrition.

Sarebbero da inserire nella dieta quotidiana per i seguenti motivi:

Huge benefits for skin and eyesight

thanks to the beta-carotene, an orange vegetable pigment, precursor of Vitamin A (Retinol), which is also found in yellow and green fruits and vegetables

Bata-carotene is contained in apricots, persimmons, melons, peaches, oranges, tomatoes, yellow squash, red peppers, spinach, broccoli, turnips and chicory

Eat raw to avoid losing the effectiveness of Vitamin C
3 Would be better to consume just scalded to not losing the effectiveness of vitamin A
4 Combine them with meat, fish and all starchy foods to counteract the acidifying effects

thanks to the minerals contained in them such as magnesium, potassium and iron

Carrot soup contributes to a good functioning of the intestinal tract

due to the amount of fibers such as, Pectin, Lignin and Cellulose

But how many should we eat?

They can be eaten in pinzimonio, or raw like a snack, grated in salads, drink in fresh juice of centrifuged or extracted.

Be careful because if you consume an excessive quantity, the palms of our hands and the plants of our feet will turn orange.

But no worries, within a few days the color returns back to normal.