CC Perfect Cream: The spring of your skin

25 February 2019


The harsh winter weather is giving way to milder temperatures in the central hours of the day making us fantasize about sunny days and blossoming trees, which are typical spring images.
What is the “perfect dress” for your face during these months of unpredictable sudden temperature changes and weather instability?
What you need is a beauty ally which is as multitasking as women are and here at Panestetic we found it: CC Perfect Cream by Anesi Cosmetics, a color cream which is ideal for mid-seasons.
Spring is at our doorsteps and your skin doesn’t need to hide behind the shield provided by foundation anymore. Instead, it requires a lighter formula that lets it breathe and gives it tone.
CC Perfect Cream protects your epidermis, ensures an even complexion, reduces chromatic imperfections and moisturizes your skin, all at the same time.
A Perfect Cream for a perfect skin!
CC Perfect Cream is a cream with a universal color created with a unique mimetic tripeptide which minimizes wrinkles and signs of ageing. Kiwi extract and Sophora of Japan actively target spots and illuminate your skin. This cream is also enriched with malt extract that protects your skin from oxidative stress and a marine exopolysaccharide that ensures a high level of hydration.
Don’t worry if you have a Cocktail party after work, you’ll look perfect!
CC Perfect Cream contains a pollution protection factor and a SPF 30. Thanks to its waterproof formula it guarantees a long-lasting make-up which adapts to every skin tone and will be impeccable for 12 hours.
CC Perfect Cream is ideal for anyone who want to look their best in every situation and hate to be caught unprepared!
Simplify your daily beauty routine and be always ready for any unexpected situation with a single product that covers all the needs of your skin in a single step.
Is it possible to have only one product which takes care of your skin and makes it look more beautiful in the shortest time possible? Now it is, thanks to Anesi!
Get ready for the rebirth of nature by giving your skin a new life with CC Perfect Cream by Anesi Cosmetics.