Plastic surgery or Beauty Treatment

31 May 2017

Why does plastic surgery sometimes gives people such an unnatural appearance?

Usually people turn to plastic surgery to improve some aspects of the body that are bothering them.

When it comes to it is better to choose an expert most carefully, that knows how to modify the body without completely altering the features of it.

Many people, among them many celebrities, claimed that after getting few surgical retouching or a full surgery they have regretted this decision, that has forever modified their appearance.

This can happen when the surgeon has no idea, for example, of the breast size that fit best or how much and irregular nose can be modified before it looks fake and doesn’t suit the face.

Today there are many alternatives to keep a natural look and avoid plastic surgery, thanks to Aesthetic Technology.

The cost is significantly lower and it is possible to reach excellent results in a non-invasive and non-traumatic way.

Furthermore, another advantage is the possibility to get these results without the need to inject foreign and impossible to expel substances into the body, such as Botox and silicone fillers.

Then, today we have the privilege of using so many wonderful and innovative technologies, to smooth wrinkles, to sculpt the shape of our body, to reshape and tone up.

Beauty centres can rely on wonderful innovative instruments in order to help their clients solve most of their beauty needs.

Technology has become “the art of sculpting” because the combination of elements are wisely used according to the different types of skins that need to be treated.

But, it is important to underline that, as happens to fall into the hands of the wrong plastic surgeon it can also happens to fall into wrong and unsafe device of aesthetic technologies.

Therefore, is highly recommended to choose a professional that knows how to handle a technology of high quality in order not to have bad surprises.


Some celebrities have regretted undergoing these treatments:

Silicone: Silicone is a permanent filler that can cause infections even many years following the treatment. It is extremely difficult to remove and there are many cases of celebrities that underwent surgery to correct this mistake.

Botox: Gorgeous actresses are the living examples of what Botox can do to your face when muscles of the forehead are completely paralysed, making it impossible to raise an eyebrow.

Many of them admitted that it took years to have movement forehead back.

Lifting: There are many examples of celebrities ruined and unrecognizable after this extremely invasive treatment, today there are many viable alternatives that don’t leave you forever scarred, it is important to inform yourself about different options before undergoing these kinds of surgeries.

Being a “plastic girl” can affect both the career and private life of a woman and unfortunately there’s no time machine that can take us back to the moment in which we decided to be another person.

With our blog, we want to promote women’s natural beauty that means preserving your own beauty and features.

Slowing down the signs of time it’s possible by intervening with appropriate and effective beauty treatments that most definitely don’t alter the physiognomy but they can make you look radiant, young and above all natural.