How choose the right cream

14 November 2016

The choice of the cream to apply it is not a simple task.

Some parameters as allergies, skin type, age, season, must be taken into consideration when choosing the right cream in order to get the desired results.

As a rule, the cream should be changed every three or four months, depending on the season and climate.

There are exceptions of course for example the beautician can suggest you a special cream to use at home if you are having some specific cosmetic treatments in the beauty salon.

Facial skin care creams should be applied twice a day, morning and evening.

Cleanse your face with a detergent or tonic lotion then apply the cream on a perfectly dry skin, massage gently until the cream is absorbed.

If you have time, massage your face for a few minutes because it gives you several benefits.

Massage helps the penetration of the product and the activation of the microcirculation.

You can perform light touches with your fngers on the face following the lymphatic circulation.

It happens often that, in order to satisfy all the needs of the skin, a cream alone is not enough.

This is why it is better to use two different creams: apply one every morning and the other one before going to bed.

Otherwise another combination can be the following: use the serum and then the cream every morning and evening.

In conclusion, if you choose wisely the right cream, you will get the “perfect treatment”, suitable for your skin.

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