Cleansing. Secrets for a healthier skin

27 October 2016

Cleanse your face properly using products that respect the natural balance of your skin.

Cleansing is the first important step towards the improvement and the prevention of many imperfections that affect the skin.

A good cleanser should remove the make-up, the impurities and remove the sebum, while respecting the hydro-lipid film and reducing the alteration in the minimal part.

The hydro-lipid film is a protective film that covers the entire body.

This film is formed by lipids, commonly called fats, produced by the sebaceous glands, by epidermal fatty acids and cholesterol.

Everything is emulsified with sweat and trans-epidermal water.

Even if you do not put on make-up, you must cleanse your face because during the day, dust of various kinds and debris are placed on the skin.

There are many types of detergents: gel, milk, fluid lotions, cleansing facial wipes.

All of them should be removed with water, even if it is not specified. For this reason it is best to ask your beauty expert to advice you on the best detergent for your skin and how to use it at best.

After the cleansing phase, it is essential to use a tonic lotion.

It restores the skin’s natural pH balance and promotes a better penetration of the products applied afterwards as serums, creams, others.

Another important function of the tonic lotion is to remove water and anything that may contain chlorine, heavy metals and residues, surfactants, oils.

All of these substances which are not useful to the skin, if left on it, can become dangerous and lead to a simple dilation of the pores up to very serious alterations of various nature.

Therefore, don’t forget to cleans your face before going to sleep.