Sunscreen (SPF), don’t forget it !

22 May 2017

Don’t forget your sunscreen (SPF)

This is the right time to remind everyone to start applying the sunscreen, the Solar Protection Factor (SPF).

Even if it’s later in the spring, almost summer and the weather is not stable yet, daffodil’s and cherry’s flowers have already started their beautiful flowering journey.

Thoughts of sunshine and warm days seem a long way away.

However, this is the right time to remind everyone to start applying SPF, the Solar Protection Factor.

Actually, the SPF should be wear all year round, whatever the weather conditions and season, even when it feels like there is an Arctic chill in the air.

Unfortunately, exposure to the sun’s Rays (UVA and UVB) can work to speed up the visible signs of ageing  and contribute to the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and unaesthetic dark spots on the skin.

Furthermore, sun’s damages don’t just prematurely age skin it also has sinister consequences especially in case of over exposure and it can appear even many years later.

The advice is to invest in some good quality SPF  to wear all year round on exposed skin, such as face and hands.

Wearing either sunscreen or makeup that contains a good quality SPF is such an easy way to help slow down skin ageing.

If only everyone did that!

So, even if it rains, it’s windy or the air is freezing outside don’t forget to incorporate a good quality SPF into your beauty daily routine.

Your skin will thank you for it.

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