Expression wrinkles

9 July 2018

If our face did not have any facial expressions, wrinkles would most likely not appear.

The face is the main place of body expression.

But facial expressions are fundamental to reinforce the language and to enhance gaze and personality.

They get the facial muscles going.

A smile, for example, involves 12 muscles.

To cry you need 66 and to pout 72 muscles.

There is a real cartography of the face that identifies the facial areas that are more subjected to wrinkles.

In the long term, the frowning expression creates horizontal lines along the forehead, the so-called frontal wrinkles or wrinkle of the lion, and two vertical lines between the eyebrows, the glabellars.

Smoking, further facilitates the occurrence of fine lines around the upper lip. In addition, with the advance of age, these lines will accompany the so-called barcode, a set of small transversal lines, that are between the nose and the upper lip and they are also called perioral.

The sunniest people often smile during the day and this contributes to the occurrence of wrinkles close to the eyes, the periocular, and those close to the mouth, the so-called wings of the nose or nasogene furrows.

The expression wrinkles are not only attributable to people of a certain age, they also appear at a young age.

In the “older” person they are seen more because of the inexorable loss of tone.

The face reflects feelings and emotions, which leave traces of life lived on the face, making it sometimes more fascinating.

Many people do not want to renounce to the charm of age and constantly take care of their appearance by keeping it natural, and without changing its appearance.

How to intervene

Cosmetics cannot solve the wrinkles problem on their own, even if they are quality products.

They must be accompanied by further precautions.

1 – The face is composed of facial muscles, which can be “trained” through targeted facial exercises.

2 – Simultaneously with the first step, it is possible to submit to simple, but very effective targeted treatments.

Among these Zoner that combines Photobiostimulation, Radiofrequency, Electroporation:

Photobiostimulation: To speed up cell metabolism, firming, toning of tissues and hydration

Radiofrequency: Stimulation of fibroblasts that determines the production of new collagen

Electroporation: facilitates the spread of the active ingredients contained in cosmetic products in a quick and painless way.

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This treatment helps to tense the wrinkle and give a sense of rediscovered brightness to the skin.

3 – Even the peeling preserves the youth of the skin. Peelings performed in the beauty centres act deeply, they eliminate the dead cells and the superficial layers of the epidermis, giving brightness and firmness to the appearance.

4 – Finally, the Lifting Mask by Electra Cosmetics, designed to remove surface impurities and give an immediate lifting effect to the face.

Our treatments are aimed at highlighting the natural beauty of women. Even a wrinkle can be synonymous with beauty if it is well carried and cured.