Facial Cleansing

9 November 2016

Facial cleansing is not a treatment that aims to solve specific imperfections, is the basic treatment for the skin.

How often

Regarding the facial cleansing, not everybody needs it once a month.

For someone may be enough only two, three treatments per year. Basically it depends on how much the skin “gets dirty”.

Sebaceous secretion, corneal thickening, lifestyle, pollution, sun exposure, climate are all factors that determine how frequent is recommended to have a facial cleansing.

Which method

Today on the market you can find very innovative methods in terms of beauty equipment, as Synecron S or Dermopeel, and products, which make this treatment more modern, pleasant and definitely very comfortable.

Removing the blackheads or the comedones is not the only purpose of a good facial cleansing.

The secret to age well

Very important is also having a good exfoliation, stimulate the skin oxygenation and detoxification, restore the proper pH, moisturize and nourish, improve the cohesion of the cells, inhibit the loss of water.

Your face will find its balance again with an improvement of the efficiency of the skin barrier.

This is definitely the secret to age well.