Big Day. How to prepare yourself

5 May 2017

The Big Day happens once in a lifetime and that day you must be more beautiful than ever.

Big day requires several preparations such as, party favors, guest list, restaurant  and many more.

So when the fateful day finally arrives, your appearance looks exhausted.

No bride wants to risk to appear tired on such an important day, that’s the reason why preparations must include some time for yourself and your skin.

It is better to start as soon as possible, in order to become the perfect model for your wedding pictures.

In order to celebrate your big day, start cuddling yourself  with body and face treatments, planning them between 2 and 6 months before, depending on the needs.

First, make a list of all the skin’s problems  you want to solve.

With impending nuptials, you will have to show your best look to your groom but also to all the guest attending.

  • Tight skin, with no wrinkles and all those annoying expression lines that appear after a sleepless night;
  • Face, neck and lip contour restored;
  • Smooth, glowing  and rejuvenated complexion.
Our suggestions for the Big Day:

Try out Zoner, it  improves the tone and texture of  the skin which appears immediately more radiant and young with lifting effect.

Try out Dermopeel, a few weeks before the wedding, this will help your makeup to remain perfect from morning to evening.

It fulfils a deep facial cleansing and exfoliation in order to reduce dilated pores, pigmentation spots and to get rid of the annoying shiny skin effect.

With the diode laser Delighter (Permanent hair removal of body and face) in few painless sessions you will get rid of unwanted hair. All of them! We  recommend to start at least 4 months before the wedding.

Stubborn fat around waistline, that doesn’t want to leave you,  despite diet and exercise? In order to help your wedding dress to fit you more comfortably, we suggest you 4Shape to weight loss and body shaping.

You will see the results even after just one session.

And don’t forget….

A treatment for hands, since they need to be ready to wear the Ring of a lifetime.
Treatments for cracked heels, dry feet and also for lashes and eyebrows

Tell us about your experience or add your advice & suggestions for brides to be, in order to help them be extra radiant for their big day.

Contact us to discover which beauty salon of your city offer the aforementioned treatments.