Green tea. An healthy ceremony

11 December 2017

In China they say that green tea brightens the skin and makes the eyes shine.

Green tea and its beneficial effects on the immune system have been known for centuries and have been scientifically proven over the years.

The populations of Japan were the first to use it thanks to its natural ingredients, also used in cosmetics.

It contains proteins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, microelements and Vitamins B, C, E and P. It also contains much more Vitamin A than carrots.

 5 truths about green tea

Green tea is considered a pillar of health.

It is a real power plant with its high content of antioxidants, necessary to slow down the cellular aging, and of amino acids and catechins (a group of flavonoids antioxidants) able to regulate blood pressure and improve circulation.

Green Tea is mainly known as a stimulator of the brain activity, with effective fat-burning properties and possesses high anti-aging properties.

But not only that, a long list of other features have made it indispensable for health-conscious people, and a valuable and effective drink to drink at any time of day.

If you are not already an addicted to Green Tea, here below 5 motivations to become one:
  1. It is an anti-inflammatory drink, thanks to its high content of Catechins reduces irritation and swelling.
  2. It is a powerful antibacterial. Polyphenols fight bacterial infections mainly by mouth and teeth.
  3. Full of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E, which are both essential for skin health. Vitamin B2 plays an essential role in keeping the levels of collagen unchanged. Vitamin E instead, supports the growth of new skin cells and acts as an intense moisturizer.
  4. The caffeine and tannins in Green Tea help to narrow the blood vessels, which is useful not only for the swelling in the legs but also for the bags under the eyes. Drink green tea after a bad night-sleep can be magical for the skin appearance. In addition, Caffeine stimulates the drainage of liquids and encourages cellular turnover to give greater brightness to the eyes.
  1. Finally, recent studies have shown that the fibers contained in the leaves of green tea stimulate hair growth thanks to the action of catechins and polyphenols that stimulate cell turnover also in hair follicles.

Finally, this precious drink is considered a beneficial ally for Diabetes, Cholesterol and Tanning.

So congratulation to Green Tea!

And you? Do you drink green tea? Tell us your experience