Hands – Expression of personality

13 December 2016

Since the eyes are the mirror of the soul so your hands are the expression of personality.

Hands are in fact able to communicate insecurity, joy, feelings and style.

As the face also the hands are very visible and attract the attention and reveal the age of a person.

For this reason it is important to take care of them in every stage of life and deal with pigmentation spots, dehydration and take care of nails.

Yes! Nails! because nails play an important role and should be always cared.

Most women show multicolor nails considering the wide choice that the market offers today: from traditional to permanent and semi-permanent nail lacquers.

The choice depends on the time you have available and the effect you want to achieve.

If your hands are often in water, the traditional nail polish is not the most appropriate choice for you. It does not have a long-lasting effect.

On the other side, gel and reconstruction overly weaken the nails.

The ideal solution is the semi-permanent nail polish, the product that has revolutionized the world of nails.

It can be used for hands and feet, you can apply it as a normal nail polish and the manicure and pedicure stay intact up to three weeks!

With the semi-permanent nail polish you do not have to worry to much and there is no need to apply it every two or three days. (We recommend Crisnail Gel Revolution)

The color does not lose intensity and brilliance, and it is not damaged by water.

Compared to the traditional nail polish: it does not require long time for drying, it remains unchanged as the gel, it is removed in a few minutes without damaging your nails

To have beautiful hands, however, is not always necessary to undergo treatments. Just a bit of attention and a bit of good taste.

Hands in fact, can be pretty presentable and attractive even without nail polish if skin and nails are well cared.