Heels or not? this is the dilemma

12 June 2017

Heels, if wore daily, they can cause posture’s problems and sometimes even alter the shape of the foot.

High heels make you look slender and make you feel very feminine, sexy, elegant and are definitely very nice to look at.

Scientific studies prove that high heels influence the health of feet, legs, cervical and lumbar spine. As a matter of fact, the angulation of the articulations changes because of the pressure exerted on bones and cartilages.

When we walk with high heels our knees don’t bend, the vertebral spine arch and push the lumbar part back, in this way the gluteus stick out and the lumbar arch is more accentuated.

Surely every shoe that forces the foot into an unnatural position is damaging, whether it’s a high heel or flat shoe. Recommended heel height is 4 cm (1.57 inch)

Even flat shoes (ballet flat) can cause damages such as plantar fasciitis, blisters and talalgia (pain of the heel) this is because of the flat sole that does not allow the foot to step properly.

Indeed, missing the support of the heel, flat shoes tend to push the body back, stretching the Achilles tendon causing pain and continuous stress on calf muscles and lumbar vertebrae.

Some reasons not to wear high heels daily: bunion, hammer toe, Achilles tendon’s inflammation, knee arthritis, back problems, cervical complications that can cause dizziness and headache.

Furthermore, cellulites and varicose veins are worsened by high heels because they slow down circulation of liquids in the tissues promoting stagnation.

To conclude here are some advise to avoid problems:

  1. Use high heels or flat shoes occasionally, alternating them with 1.57-inch heel.
  2. Perform stretching exercises to relax muscular and tendon structures of the foot
  3. Wear comfortable and quality shoes, made with natural materials such as leather, suede and canvas even better if sewn and not glued.
  4. At the beach seize the moment to walk bare foot and at home walk using traction- socks
  5. Always check your posture, straight head eyes ahead, relaxed neck and shoulders, straight back, arms following the movements of the legs, abs slightly tense and foot stepping the right way heel/ sole / toe.
  6. After a long day of load on the feet perform a footbath, adding to the lukewarm water a handful of salt relieves the fatigue, if you want to reduce, instead, circulatory problems you can add some rosemary.

Credits: extract from Mabella, Mariangela Ciriello http://www.mabella.it/tacco-si-tacco-no