How to fight Hard Cellulite in 3 steps

9 October 2017

Hard cellulite usually occurs in young and in good physical shape subjects with good muscle tone.

In cases of Hard cellulite the adipose deposit is compact, mainly localised on the tights and it gives pain if touched.

To combat this type of cellulite it is necessary to start with a detoxication, then break up the adipose deposit and finish with a redistribution of fat in order to reach an harmonious silhouette. The skin will appear more smooth and bright.

3 Steps

Step 1 – Detoxication

Drain and remove toxins. Use Thalasso and Spa treatments.
Mud based beauty products enriched with seaweed wraps, such as Fucus, in fact will help to remineralise and detoxify the tissues.

Step 2 – Deconstruction

In hard cellulite the adipose deposit is particularly compact.

For this reason, to break it you should use appropriate equipment (such as 4shape and Linfopress).

Ultrasound are very useful because they provides a direct impact separating the adipocytes. To decrease the adipocytes, however, first it is important to reduce their size and subsequently lead them towards the blood and lymphatic system.

It is recommended also to use infrared, thermo-active creams, heat wraps or steam bath.

Step 3 – Redistribution 

The redistribution of fat can be performed through remodelling massages with fat-reduction creams and massage with equipment that perform the dermosuction (suction-transfer). Those machines smooth the skin surface, redistribute fat, improve the appearance of skin and promote the circulation.

The next article will talk about other types of cellulite.