It’s time to show off your feet

16 April 2018

Feet are an important shock absorber of the body; they are the “anatomical structure” on which all the loads generated by the body movement, are released.

For that reason, it is important to take care and treat them well.

When the summer arrives, it is the part of the body mostly exposed.

Feet are the real protagonists of the summer look with sandals, flip-flops, or showed naked.

In order to be shown, feet must be perfect, well cared, hydrated and nourished.

Ready to show them off?

Achieve this objective is easy, but firstly let’s take a look at the causes of why the skin is dry.

Extreme temperatures, skin aging and shoes are the main causes of the dry foot.

But also

  • A poor circulation, prolonged standing position
  • Walking on high-heels and being overweight causes a high pressure on the heel that by the time may cut itself causing dryness and reduction of the hydration.
  • Walking barefoot causes callousness and dryness 
  • Take certain types of medicines as diuretics and antihistamine.
  • Wearing shoes or sandals opened on the heel may reduce the natural hydration
  • Frequent washes with hot water, showers and baths. Hot water interrupts the natural barrier of the skin, making feet dryer.


1 Soften and cool-down with the footbath

The footbath is a precious ritual which gives an immediate relief to tired feet, especially at the end of a tough day.

Prepare the skin for the following treatments.

2 Exfoliate

Scrub is fundamental for the skin of face and body, but even for the skin of the feet. This process is important to remove the dead cells; for this reason, the massage has to be focused on heels and on the soles of the feet where the epidermis is thicker.

Active the circulation leaving the skin smooth and ready to receive the following treatments

3 Regenerate and hydrate

After drying the feet carefully, it is the time of the moisturizer and refreshing cream which has to be applied through a massage until its complete absorption. In this way you will re-activate the blood circulation (essential for the welfare of legs and feet) and you will soften the tougher zones of the skin.

We recommend following carefully this ritual during the whole year and if the situation is really impaired, book a treatment in a beauty center specialized in foot-care.