Linfodrainer: Panestetic’s dynamic drainage

Is there a woman who does not need to work on her lymphatic system? or swelling legs? Any water retention?

Linfodrainer is a technology which belongs to the Essential line by Panestetic, which helps the beauty therapist to boost the results of the cosmetic treatments and massages.

Every client needs drainage and a help to eliminate toxins, and, thanks to the different protocols of Linfodrainer, you will have the possibility of customizing and surprising your client who will feel light, fit and relaxed.

The lymph drainage is a complex massage method which is extremely efficient to treat water retention, swelling, orange-peel skin and cellulite.

Linfodrainer is the modern interpretation of this technique. Pleasant, relaxing and very effective, thanks to its three hand pieces, it fits perfectly on all body areas. Its versatility allows an extensive use for every face and body treatment.

Through an adjustable decompression system, Linfodrainer exerts delicate, constant or rhythmic suctions, for a draining effect which, thanks to specific operative protocols, ensures surprising results.

Linfodrainer: high performance and unique dynamic drainage.

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