Dark spots? not for you

27 July 2017

What are those dark spots on the skin?

One of the triggering factors is the sunlight which is the first true cause of premature skin aging.

The appearance of dark spots is a common dermatological condition that occurs especially in people over 40 years of age. Dark or light brown spots depend on the triggering factors which can be sun, liver or age.

An over-production of melanin can have different origins: sun, trauma, hormone imbalance, a medicine, strong inflammation, intoxication, to which the skin responds by producing melanin. As a result, there is the appearance of dark spots.

The most common dark spots appear on parts of the body most exposed to sunlight: hands, arms, insteps, shoulders and upper back.

Age spots are flat, usually have an oval shape with increased pigmentation (excessive melanin production) and are not dangerous.

Melanin is a very important substance because it can protect the nucleus of the skin cells from sun damage and is produced by the melanocyte cells.


The sun and the open air certainly have benefits and advantages but the reckless solar exposure heavily affects not only the visible aging signs but also affects an healthy aging process.

The sun’s rays can be dangerous not so much as they burn the skin, but because they can modify the DNA of the cells, they are mutagens, or whenever the skin is affected by sunlight, the cells become damaged and do not return healthier.

So, the annoying dark spots is actually the result of a series of damages that started long time before they appeared. This is why it is difficult to act on these aesthetic problems.


Removing dark spots is a tough task and damaged skin should never be attacked but treated in a gradual way.

The best way to counteract dark spots first is to avoid sun exposure without applying effective sunscreen.

A must-have treatment to lighten dark spots is the professional whitening treatment with Dermopeel by Panestetic.

DERMOPEEL performs a direct action on stretch marks, scars, wrinkles and all skin imperfections.

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