Memiderm: two technologies, one device

The winning combination of technologies is fundamental to offer complete, effective and attractive treatments from wrinkles to pigmentation spots, from stretch marks and scars to bags and dark circles.

MEMIDERM is the innovative and versatile solution of the ESSENTIAL line by Panestetic.

A unique beauty partner that allows you to perform many different treatment protocols for every need.

Thanks to the excellent deep exfoliation treatment, MEMIDERM is the ideal preparation for any treatment.

Combining the drainage for tissue regeneration and the microdermabrasion with diamond tips, MEMIDERM prepares the skin and makes it perfectly receptive to the following beauty procedures.

MEMIDERM acts through the MESOPORATION, technology with well-know proven effectiveness used also in the medical sector, which increases the effectiveness of the applied products, because they penetrated in the deepest layers of the skin.

MEMIDERM acts in a fast and painless way, ensuring several benefits:

– Hydrates deeply

– Donates immediate firmness and brightness

– Eliminates the blemishes and provides an efficient anti-aging exfoliation

– Diminishes deep wrinkles, scars and stretch marks

– Stimulates the circulation favouring a better oxygenation

– Improves the drainage

– Diminishes bags, dark circles, swelling and signs of tiredness

– Accelerates the cell turnover

– Accelerates the cellular metabolism and increases the turnover

The MEMIDERM treatment is maximized with the combination of FACE and BODY products designed by Panestetic for a deep penetration with electroporation.

The products are available in water-soluble serums with high skin affinity, without perfumes and dyes.

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