New trends in men’s beauty care

19 March 2018

Beauty centres are not just for women.

On the occasion of Father’s Day we dedicate this article to the men’s beauty treatments.

The fact that only women can attend a beauty center is one of the most common stereotypes. 

Today more and more men frequently schedule appointments to receive beauty treatments to  improve their physical appearance and well-being.

Which are the most popular men’s beauty treatments?

We asked to some beauty centers to help us in this research, and here are the answers:


The most requested are decontracting massage, especially for back and cervical or relaxing facial massages.

In any case, man seems to be very constant in devoting their time to this practice, combining it with work-out at the gym.


Today it is very difficult to meet a man with hands or feet not cared.

Sandals are now also part of the men’s fashion collections, and it is appreciated a lot, therefore feet must be perfect and cared. 


Facial treatments are the most requested, in particular detox, anti-age, regenerating treatments, which reduce the bags under the eyes.

Furthermore facial cleansing as well as treatments for the eyebrows are also very requested.


Men, especially the youngest, are really attentive to depilation on the legs but also on the back and chest.

The word WAX has always made men very afraid.

“What women want” is a famous movie starring Mel Gibson trying to enter the role of a woman. The scene in which he tries the wax and felt the pain is still in our memories.

Today even men can approach depilation “without pain”.

In fact, there are new painless technologies, such as the laser Delighter by Panestetic, which are replacing the old methods for permanent hair removal. 


Men, unlike women, have the good fortune not to be affected by cellulite.

Besides that they begin to ask for body beauty treatments, specifically targeted on the abdomen, which is the real Achilles heel of men.


Relax is also appreciated by men, who, as women, are catapulted into the frenzy of everyday life.

Nowadays in relaxion rooms of spas, in aromatherapy hot tubs, saunas, whirpools and Turkish bath, we can find both women and men. 

Our advice? Men should not undress completely from genuineness.

Women like charming men more natural than possible.