Overview of edematous cellulite

8 March 2017

It occurs mainly in legs that tend to lose their shape.

The edematous cellulite is closely associated with poor circulation and fluid retention.

The skin is swollen, soft to the touch and almost has this spongy feel when pressed and lack of elasticity due to the continued stagnation of liquids.

It can be painful to the touch.

Here below you can find a list of very important tips that can help you improve the edematous cellulite:

8 Beauty Tips

  1. Constant physical activity. Preferably you should choose activities such as cycling, walking and swimming;
  2. Hydration; Drink large quantity of water;
  3. Avoid foods that cause water retention and extremely salty foods and spirits;
  4. Give priority to fruits and vegetables and to all foods which are low in sodium and fat;
  5. Do not wear excessively tight clothing or shoes with excessively high heels;
  6. Avoid alcohol and smoking;
  7. Do not remain seated or standing for too many hours;
  8. Keep your weight-shape under constant check.

There are many treatments available to improve the skin surface texture. You should find the right one for the type of cellulite that you have:

Targeted and specific massage like the lymph drainage massage (suitable to restore proper lymphatic circulation);
Toning creams which promote the elimination of toxins;

Among the Panestetic Technologies, we recommend the machine 4Shape which is 4 technologies in one: Draining, Shaping Wave, Mesoporation and Bioradiolift.

We recommend the Electra Cosmetic Body Luxury Bandages also, combined with presso-massage machine.