Permanent hair removal is the most requested treatment!

17 December 2018

Our most used treatment to reach permanent hair removal is the depilation with diode laser DELIGHTER, by Panestetic Technology.

How the permanent hair removal with diode laser works

The defocused diode laser technique is a very safe and painless treatment and do not damage the skin.

This permanent hair removal machine emits a  wavelength light that uses the selective photo-thermolysis of melanin in the hair.

The heat, provokes a thermal shock to the hair and its parts, slowing down the hair growth time.

After several treatments, the hair bulb does not make the hair to regrew and the skin remains smooth

The action of diode laser is very effective and, compared to other methods, it can be performed even during summer time on tanned skin.

DELIGHTER is an innovative and comfortable product, painless and with high performances. It uses a high energy diode laser for smooth and hairless skin.
  • Quick, time halved and compared to pulse light it takes less sessions thanks to its single and multiple impulse (up to 10 per second) 
  • More effective, comfortable and painless. It is available in 800 ad 1200 watts, it releases energy on a wide area with a homogeneous and optimized beam.
  • The head can cool up to 5 levels ensuring a comfortable treatment with amazing results even on the most sensitive and delicate areas.
  • Reliable, easy to use and technological. The treatments are safe on every phototype all year round.
  • The software is intuitive, created, projected and built in Italy following all the norms required by law.
  • It allows to work in a precise way on different areas and hair types: it is the ideal treatment for every client.
The Electra cosmetics to match to the Delighter Treatment


A soothing emulsion formulated to counter redness and restore the skin’s moisture balance

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