Pressure therapy

21 December 2016

Pressure therapy, much more than a simple drainage

When in 1936 Dr. Empile Vodder developed the lymph drainage techniques, his first goal was the treatment of chronic sinusitis. Later, the same technique was adapted to other uses in aesthetic and therapeutic therapies.

In 1958, several studies were initiated to verify the effectiveness. Based on these results, there are many companies that now offer different systems for pressure therapy that help ensure an effective drainage, responding to the needs of a growing clientele in search of new products and technologies.


What have in common a sedentary and stressful lifestyle, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet with tight dresses and high heels?

They all have a bad effect on the circulatory system. Lack of working out, in particular, has effects on the lymphatic circulation.

The lymph circulates in the opposite direction of gravity. Unlike the blood, the lymphatic circulation has no beneficial effect from the heartbeat.

Without regular working out, the lymph tends to stagnate with the consequent accumulation of liquids and toxins. The pressure therapy aims to drain excess interstitial fluids and to encourage blood and lymph reflux, respecting the anatomy of the human body.

The pressure drainage compresses the tissues, following the same principle of muscle and plantar pressure. In this way, the circulation of blood and lymph is stimulated, allowing the elimination of toxins and stagnant fluids.

The pressure promotes, also, the resorption of edemas, improves tissue regeneration and stimulates the immune processes, increasing the production of lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that produce antibodies and capable of phagocytosis.

It is a relaxing treatment and destressing at the same time and it brings new energy.

In addition, since the circulation problems are one of the main reasons for the formation of cellulite, pressure therapy is an optimal solution to combat and prevent this imperfection.

Any person wishing to be healthy and feel good, should use pressure therapy, just for the feeling of lightness that can give. Once the treatment is finished, you will have the extraordinary sensation of being suspended on a cloud.

The pressure therapy treatments with Linfopress are an ideal choice, since it can be used on many types of patients. Linfopress offers all the advantages of manual lymphatic drainage with the possibility to customize treatments. Moreover it’s an unattended machine which gives outstanding performances and results!