Revitalise your look with this Post Summer skin recovery Guide

26 September 2017

After Summer find this Skin Recovery Guide out to revitalise your skin

A beautiful glowing, tan skin makes you look more beautiful and fit, but in order to get that look, the skin faced a lot of stress.

Sunlight, in fact, increases the production of melanin, thickens the epidermis slowing down the cellular renewal.

Your skin will soon begin to appear rough and dry and your complexion will look faded.

So, what to do in order to revitalise your skin and return to a healthy and bright skin?

1 Restore the hydrophilic barriers

If your skin appears as dry as a lizard then it is confirmed, the sun probably has dried and damaged the moisturizing barriers.

To return to a nourished and hydrated skin, it is necessary to restore the important hydro-lipid barriers that have the task of retaining moisture and protect against bacteria and pollution.


Using highly moisturizing products containing vitamin B and phospholipids, fatty acids responsible for increasing the ceramides that contribute to the reconstruction of the hydrolipidic barrier.

2 Exfoliation

The next step is exfoliation.

Get a super smooth skin with exfoliating products or treatments. Exfoliating products remove dead cell that make skin rough, dry and wrinkled.

Research also shows that exfoliation can increase collagen production and improve the structure of the outer layer of the skin. Then apply a highly moisturizing cream with Vitamin B, and hyaluronic acid with SPF.

Invest in a good exfoliating product, using cleansing and exfoliating glycolic acid that removes dead cells and helps new cells reach the surface.

Exfoliation must become your best friend.

3 Those annoying pimples

Why does the skin look more dirty after summer holidays?

Hormonal changes, sweat, the use of sunscreen lotions and a less healthy diet, stimulate the formation of pimples and expand the pores.

It can be solved by a deep facial cleansing followed by good daily exfoliation using products that perform an effective action against pore expansion.

4 Excessive Pigmentation

The consequence to sun exposure are the brown spots on the skin due to the UV rays which increase pigmentation.

In order to treat pigmentation spots due to sun exposure, it is important to perform a deep exfoliation combining beauty treatments and home-care products.

5 Serums

Add a luminous and nourishing serum every day.

One of the favorite antioxidants is Vitamin C, then Vitamin E that also works in powerful synergy with vitamin C, protecting the cell membranes from oxidative damage and preventing collagen destruction.

Then vitamin B that does not only have great moisturizing properties, but also reduces skin discoloration.

6 Wrinkles

After the summer holidays have you noticed that you have some wrinkles that you did not have before?

Wrinkles have to do with dehydration and loss of hydration in the deeper layers of the skin.

To counteract them, use a nutrient serum with antioxidants, collagen or substances that promote cellular activity.

Use them consistently with a repairing cream and a reconstituted night cream and you will see results very soon.

Thanks to this action you will revitalise your skin and you will return to see a bright and radiant glowing look on your face.

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