Remove your make-up before going to sleep. Why is it so important?

7 March 2018

One of the fundamental rules of skin care routine.

If you don’t clean the face before going to sleep, the dirt, which lays down on your skin during the day, blocks pores, provoking the pimples uprising, irritate it and so much more.

In order to avoid the proliferation of nightly bacteria, it is recommended to wash away the pollutants, environmental and climate agents transferred on our skin during the day, and block pores, accelerating the ageing process.

The complexion looks dull

When you do not clean deeply your skin before going to sleep,  your skin looks dull.


In 2013, an experiment, carried out by the Daily Mail, confirmed the damages caused by make-up during sleep.

The experiment consisted in a woman who did not wash her face for a whole month, reapplying make-up on dirty face every morning.

The results: the experts claimed that the skin was 10 years-aged.

Question of priority

Especially people with oily skin or skin with pimples or acne, should not miss this fundamental step.

Many make-ups contain colorants and fragrances that, if they are left for a long time on the skin, may cause serious inflammations.

It’s a priority, as it is washing dishes or tidying up the kitchen every evening, making the bed done every mornings before leaving and airing the house every day.

At the end of the day, also a skin that has not make-up on, has to be cleaned.

This because it needs oxygen to keep it young and toned.

It doesn’t take much, a cleaning milk, a make-up remover for eyes, water, toner and a night cream.

Steps are:
  1. Apply the cleaning milk on the skin and neck with circular movements. Remove the make-up and stimulate the circulation.
  2. Remove the make-up on the eyes with a specific product
  3. Wash away the dirt with warm water
  4. Apply the toner on face and neck
  5. Apply a night cream on face and neck because during the night, our skin absorbs twice compared to the day.
    Therefore, use focused product on specific needs.

Then, even if you are tired, clean deeply your face before going to sleep, your skin will thank you.

Image source: Pexel.com