Return to your regular routine

15 October 2018

After a long summer break, going back to work and taking care of the family errands is very difficult and hard to handle. 

The magic of the days spent in a complete relax disappears as soon as the hectic life takes the run. 

Changing from spending the day open air and spending all day in the office is very hard to handle but should not be so terrifying.  

Experts believe that this sudden switch can affect the mood a lot.  

There are indeed some rules that should be followed in order to make the return to the daily routine softer. 

Go to bed early

During the holidays even the alarm clock takes a few days off.

You get used to getting up later and taking it easy.

Precisely for this reason it is not recommended to start immediately with a sudden rise on the first day of work. 

To be able to get used to the sound of the alarm clock without stress, it would be better to simulate the usual alarm a couple of days before, as if you were going to work.

Do not overdo it

The e-mail box for sure is full of mails to sort out and on your desk there are all the activities to be resumed and organized.

It is not advisable to schedule meetings on your first day of work.

On the contrary, the first day should be free from any commitment. Use it to schedule activities, appointments, meetings, things to do.

Look at the general picture of your commitments and focus on priorities by giving precedence to emergencies.

This yes, this no

Full immersion in the email box is not productive.

Despite the load of mails arrived you do not have to give and immediate reply on your first day at work. 

Consider the importance of emails based on the response time required to avoid being too panicky.

Take care of you

After making the point with your boss and your team, it’s already time to take care of yourself.

After work, it is important to find your normal routine.

Start to see friends for an happy-hour, attend the gym, eat well, plan a range of beauty treatments in the beauty centre and go to bed at a decent hour.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave us your comment here below. Thank you!