Exfoliation, secrets for a healthier Skin

7 November 2016

There are several ways to exfoliate: mechanical, enzymes and acids exfoliants.

If the exfoliation was done regularly and with the right frequency, then the professional cosmetic treatments and home use cosmetic products could give better results.

Therefore it will look brighter, smoother, fresher and younger.

The skin is a dynamic organ. New cells are generated every day in the basal layer of the epidermis and begin their ascent toward the most superficial layer (stratum corneum), during their ascent they become keratin flakes.

So new cells grow and replace the old cells that are torn away from the stratum corneum. This “microexfoliation” occurs continuously even if we do not notice it.

Unfortunately, mainly due to skin aging, there is a slowdown of the epidermal cell turnover which should occur on average every 28-30 days.

This leads to hyperkeratosis which is a thickening of the skin surface. Among the negative effects we can underline the following: the skin is not oxygenated properly, it is less elastic and less moisturized with a yellowish colour.

There are several ways to exfoliate: mechanical exfoliants, enzymes and acids.

Each of these exfoliates with a different procedure and is more suitable for a certain type of skin or blemish.

As a general rule it is recommended a good exfoliation once a month for all types of skin, for some type of skin it is possible to increase the frequency, at least for short periods.

For example, an impure skin can have an exfoliation once a week for a month or two.

Especially for those who do not use exfoliants at home but in general for everyone, it is recommended at least once a year to have a deeper exfoliation.

Beauticians can offer you very good and comfortable methods of exfoliation that meet the physiology of your skin.

In conclusion the exfoliating treatments are excellent for a whole range of issues such as to prevent and counter the aging process, to reduce scars, to lighten pigmentation spots and can also be performed as an alternative to the classic facial cleansing because they removes the impurities.