Shape and Drain your body with Bandages (Body wraps)

19 July 2017

Bandages (body wraps) therapy is becoming more and more an ideal adjuvant to minimise swelling and water retention.

Draining and slimming action. The best match for lighter legs

  • Swollen and tired legs?
  • Water retention?
  • Have you tried everything without having results?

Swelling and tired legs, very often, go hand in hand with water retention and fat accumulations.

There are many therapies today recognized to relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs and to minimize swelling and water retention. One of these in recent years is becoming more and more an ideal adjuvant to combat this annoying feeling: BANDAGES (body wraps)


  • those who suffer from swelling legs caused by mild lymphatic insufficiency
  • those who suffer from cellulite especially if they are in the edematous phase
  • everybody during warmer months
  • those who have a sedentary life or stand all day
  • women at the end of the period

The bandages consist of a real bandage with cotton gauze applied by the beauty therapist after assessing the need of each individual.

Bandages should be held within 45 minutes and one hour and after the bandage it is recommended to do a deep massage on the treated areas. Likewise, the skin should be prepared at least a few hours before with a good scrub.

The draining and anti-cellulite body wraps remodel the areas to be treated, stimulate the disposal of toxins and is a valid ally against water retention. The effectiveness of the drainage bandages is due both to the “injection technique” of the substances inside the skin and to the type of substances contained in the treatments that are to be applied.

There are several substances and treatments that can be used to make successful draining bandages but it is good to be advised by specialists on the most innovative and useful products.


  • The bandages should be applied on the whole area to be treated with extreme care starting from the ankle up to the thigh
  • Bandages should not squeeze the area but they must be applied with softness and promote blood circulation
  • You must be relaxed during the treatment: the best position for draining legs is the one to lay down and keep your legs slightly raised a bit. A slight raised foot and calf re-activates the circulation and helps oxygen to burn fat  


The new Electra Body Tech Cosmetics, Luxury Slim and Drain, from Panestetic labs, work on both aspects and are rich in active ingredients that ensure visible and lasting results from the first session.

There are two types of bandages each with distinct functions to meet different needs. SLIM bandages have been designed to act on fat and cellulite while DRAIN bandages perform effective draining action in case of water retention, capillary evidence and edema cellulite.


Experience shows that often, when combining more therapies, the result is better. This is why the combination of Electra Body Luxury Bandages with the pressure massage increase considerably the effectiveness of draining action.

The technology recommended to combine with the bandage is Linfopress by Panestetic, which thanks to the physical action of the compression acts on the venous and lymphatic circulation, acting on the liquid stagnation areas, favoring the drainage.

The effect of Linfopress is an immediate and pleasant feeling of lightness.

The combination of the mechanical pressure massage of the equipment and the slim and draining action of the bandages, develops a concrete answer to most imperfection of the legs and abdomen.


  • Drink water
  • A daily walk of at least 30 minutes
  • Heat nutrients that help eliminate toxins such as Green Tea and Pineapple

Hurry up before you leave for the holidays!