Some tricks to prolong the suntan

10 September 2018

In fact, tan highlights the natural colors and puts in a good mood.

More tanned, more beautiful, happier. This is the usual way. 

Too bad that does not last long.

That is a pity ……

Yes, because unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity every day to sunbath as during holidays.  

Soon you will see your skin becoming clearer and clearer until you return to the starting point.

The brown color will give way to white and the complexion will appear dull and tired. 

If you are Tan Addicted, before you get to this point, you can adopt some tricks to prolong the suntan, which, let’s face it, you struggled a lot to get it. 

The first step is just taken on holiday with the application of the right sunscreen protection. 

Second step is always still on holiday, after sun exposure, using a good foam bath and a super-moisturizing and nourishing after-sun cream.

The rest is done when you return from holidays.

  1. Sunbath, when possible, to keep the melanin in training. Apply day creams with Protection Factor, even if you do not have a suntan goal
  2. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and drinking water, staying hydrated is essential for healthy skin
  3. Prefer the shower to the bath, but not too hot. Use a moisturizing shower cream or oil and apply a moisturizing and regenerating after-sun cream to keep the skin soft, firm and velvety
  4. Keep skin always hydrated and make sure it does not dry out.
  5. There are tanning techniques to be performed in beauty centres. Spray tanning, tanning beds and solar showers. Always inquire about certifications and licenses so as not to encounter unpleasant incidents
  6. Contact the person in charge of the center to ask for advice based on your phototype
  7. The scrub is a must but it must be delicate. Forget the myth of the scrub that takes away the tan. On the contrary, it only serves to eliminate dead cells and illuminate the skin. In addition, scrub is an ally of tanning, makes it more uniform and prepares the skin to get a homogeneous and long-lasting color.

If you have found some new way to prolong the suntan tell us about it