Sleep, the amount of you need

26 April 2017

The amount of sleep you get each night can affect your health, work and your ability to interact with others.

Health specialists (NSF – National Sleep Foundation) say that the amount of sleep the average person needs is between seven and nine hours per night.

Do you agree?

Diet plays an important role in whether we get a good night’s sleep or not (as suggests some new research (JCSM – Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine) 

First, we all know that coffee tends to keep us awake at night but, what else should we avoid at dinner time?

It isn’t only coffee that can disturb sleep; it is any food or beverage that contains caffeine, for example chocolate, or tea, or many soft drinks.

Of course, caffeine doesn’t affect every body in the same way, but if you are sensitive to it, you should avoid it in the afternoon and in the evening. That way, it won’t keep you awake at night.

There is something else that can potentially stop us sleeping.

Your sleep can be disturbed if your dinner has a high fat content. The body takes a long time to digest fat, which can make you feel very uncomfortable when you go to bed.

People who have extra butter on their bread or cream with their dessert often complain of heartburn or indigestion when they go to bed.

People who suffer from heartburn or indigestion should avoid eating late at all costs.

Lying down with a full stomach makes it much more difficult for the body to digest food, causing discomfort and sometimes pain.

The same can be said of the quantity you have.

Heavy meals should be consumed at lunch time, and you should aim to be eating a light snack in the evening.

This will fill a gap, so that you aren’t hungry when you go to bed, but it won’t make you feel so full that you can’t sleep.

What about liquids?

For a good night’s sleep, you’re obviously better off drinking water with your dinner but you shouldn’t drink too much of that, either.

Don’t drink too much at dinner time or after dinner, or your sleep will be disrupted because you will have to go to the bathroom during the night.

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