3 TOP methods to get rid of unwanted hair

23 April 2018

The permanent hair removal is the most required treatment by women and men who want to remove unwanted hair permanently. 

The aesthetic professional devices mainly used are two: the Diode Laser and the Intense Pulse Light (IPL).

How does the Diode Laser or IPL work?

The term PHOTOEPILATION is used referring to treatments that cause a graduate hair weakening and thinning.

Through the Diode Laser and IPL, hair are exposed to the selective thermolisis.

Intense light pulses are absorbed by the skin in the form of heat causing the interruption of the cycle of life of the hair.

DIODE LASER – Delighter

The technique of Diode Laser not-focalized, is a very safe approach, because it does not cause any type of pain and it does not damage the skin.

Device used for the permanent hair removal emits a light which uses the selective phototermolisis of the melanin of the hair.

The heat, delivered by the melanin, causes a heating shock to the hair, reducing the time of growing.   

After several exposes to the permanent hair remover diode laser device, the hair bulb does not permit to the hair to grow again and the skin remains smooth.

The diode laser action is very efficient, and compared to other methods, can be used also during the summer, also when the skin is tanned.


Also the professional Intense Pulsed Light epilator (IPL)  removes, effectively, the unwanted hair.

This system is based on the same principle of the diode laser: the light, absorbed by the melanin, is transformed in heat energy which does not permit the regrowth of the hair.

The main difference is that the laser hair removal device acts only on the melanin of the hair, whereas the IPL epilator interacts also with the melanin of the skin.

Treatments have to be interrupted during the summer.

Both devices, DELIGHTER and KSENON, are absolutely not aggressive for the client.
They are very innovative, compared to the traditional hair removal methods.

Which one of these methods have you tried and what you think about it?

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