Today, No Shoes!

25 June 2018

Walking barefoot conveys a great sense of freedom, and apparently it can also be very healthy.

Taking off shoes as soon as you come back home, feeling the direct contact with the sand in Summer, walking barefoot on the fresh grass of the garden , has no price.

If the foot comes into contact with the ground, it acts as a positive energy catalyst.

The so-called Earthing, if it is practiced at least 30 minutes a day, it recharges our immune system.

Several studies, regarding this topic, have demonstrated that this practice can:

  • improve the fluidity of the blood, thus decreasing cardiovascular risks such as heart attack and stroke
  • decrease sleep disorders
  • reduce muscle and joint pain, arthritis, asthma and motor failure
  • help to lose weight
  • favor the good mood
  • reduce migraine
For earthing enthusiasts, every tool of isolation from the earth’s crust, and shoes in particular, are one of the most damaging inventions of the last century,” explain the authors of the book “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?“.

  “Since the Second World War, the rubber has appeared under our feet, isolating us from the Earth’s crust, before then the contact was guaranteed by the absence of shoes or by thin leather protections, which were still able to conduct electricity. Therefore, until the fifties, we were connected to the electrons present on the Earth’s surface, thanks to the underground energy reactions and lightning that discharge the tension on the ground “

What’s more natural than walking barefoot.

However, if the city, in which we live, makes it possible.

We can take off shoes, if it is possible to find a grassy path on our way, but it will be slightly difficult to walk barefoot on the asphalt without coming across sharp items, dirt and bacteria.

So, take advantage of the days outdoors and take off shoes only when it is possible, to benefit from Mother Earth.

The energy under the feet, the sun on the skin. What else?

Healthy feet can listen to the true heart of Mother Earth” as a national adage of Native Americans recites.

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