Tricks to get a flat stomach

15 March 2017

A flat stomach has not only to do with a sexy look but also the sign of a good muscle balance that affects posture and helps to contain bowels in their natural position.

From one side, a prominent belly can be caused by the morphologic structure of the body.

From the other side also a silhouette body can have a prominent belly due to a postural imbalance, caused by back problems, circulation, respiration, and more.

The abdominal muscles

Form a belt between the chest and the pelvis and support all the bowels: belly, intestine, liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, ovaries and uterus.

The  Posture

The difference in morphological structure between men and women stands on the curvature of the lower back.

Women tend to pose with his chest forward and sit in the back, while men carries the shoulders back and the hips forward.

Even ethnic origin may affect, as a matter of fact African women, have a particular morphology with more horizontal sacrum and protruding buttock, while Asian women have a more vertical sacrum, a straight back and less protruding buttock.

Europeans have different morphologies.

There are many reasons responsible for the “belly fat”, such as:
  1. Digestive problems, due to an improper diet
  2. Chronic constipation, often typical of female.
  3. Pregnancy and difficult childbirth
  4. Inflammatory diseases or fibroids
  5. Surgery or adhesions
  6. Sports and wrong abdominal exercises

In the abdominal area the role of the diaphragm muscle it is indispensable as the engine for breathing and also for the blood and lymphatic circulation.

The perineum is the abdominal floor, very sensitive to the weight of the bowels or to the pressure of the abdominal muscles.

To reduce the volume of the stomach it is recommended
  1. to contact a specialist
  2. follow a balanced diet
  3. ensure proper elimination of wastes
  4. undergo specific treatments with beauty machines and
  5. perform right abdominal exercises in a gym that you trust.