Men’s Beauty. Men in the Mirror

3 November 2016

Men are becoming frequent visitors at Beauty Centres.

Nowadays men pay more and more attention to beauty care and in recent years the number of men’s beauty products increased exponentially.

This is not due to a sudden outbreak of vanity. Men understood that caring about their skin and beauty is important to their physical and psychological health.

From creams to peelings, fillers up to the microsurgery, men turn increasingly more to surgery and medical aesthetic and became frequent visitors of beauty centers.

At the beginning it was only a trend associated to a small percentage of the male population; now it’s becoming a mass phenomenon.

The explanation of this turning point of being a man, first of all, has to do with the new view of the role of the man in the society.

Behind the use of beauty treatments, men expect not only aesthetic results but also psychological improvements.

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of art, beauty, and taste. Everyone has an idea of beauty and builds an image of the body different from the one perceived by others.

The word “aesthetic” originates from the Greek word “aisthesis” which means “feeling” and from the word “Aisthànomai” meaning “perception mediated by the sense.”

The awareness of a pleasant appearance gives us more confidence in ourselves and in our ability to interact with others and often the correction of physical defects has a strong impact in our subjective perception of the ego.

The desire to please others is synonymous with success and social and affective achievement not only for women but also for men.

A real physical improvement correspond always to an increased self-esteem, which is essential to successfully address the many challenges that society presents us every day.