Valentine’s Day, not everyone knows that…

14 February 2018

Saint Valentine was the first bishop of Terni who lived in the Third Century and died as a martyr on the 14th  February 273.

Legend says that he was the first to celebrate the union between a pagan legionary and a young Christian.

This is why he is considered the patron of lovers. 

One day Saint Valentine met two young lovers who were arguing.

He gave them a rose and beg them to stop arguing and reconcile together.

He prayed the Lord so that the couple could love each other forever.

Some time later the couple asked him the blessing for their marriage which took place on the 14th of that month.

Since then, the 14 of every month became the day dedicated to the blessings of the couples.

Later, the blessing day to the couples was set on February 14, the date of Valentine’s death.

Another of the most credible legends says that Saint Valentine’s Day was introduced thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer (1343 – 1400).

In his poem “The Parliament of Foules” he associates the day with the engagement of Richard II of England with Anne of Bohemia.

In honor of this anniversary, in English-speaking Countries it is tradition to exchange “Valentine”, which are cards with the following shapes: hearts, dove, or Cupid.

Worldwide lovers write love cards and buy boxes of chocolates, bouquets of flowers or jewelry for their partner.

In Holland and in England people send cards without revealing their identity.

As tradition in Japan girls give a box of chocolates to boys, who return the present one month later,  on the 14th of March giving boxes of white chocolate.

Everybody gives red roses in Spain.

In the United States, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by all, even by children.

We like to think that every day should be like Valentine’s Day. We should offer every day to parents, children, friends and also to lonely people.