What skin type are you? Oily skin?

7 February 2018

It is mainly a genetic factor and is the result of an exaggerated sebum production.

During the day, there are too many occasions to look at yourself in the mirror.

You expect to always find yourself with perfect make up on and with fresh and shiny skin, as you weak up in the morning. 

Unfortunately, it often happens that the person reflected in the mirror is a totally different person with shiny and oily skin. Underneath the eyes, the make-up fades away under the lashes.

You try to find a way using a kleenex but after an hour, you are back to zero.

What happened to your skin? Nothing bad, it is just an oily skin.


It is mainly a genetic factor and is the result of an exaggerated sebum production.

But not only. Anyone can experience oily skin occasionally, due to one of the following causes of exogenous origin:

  1. Excessive stress
  2. Use of cosmetics not indicated for the exact skin type
  3. Taking special cortisone drugs or the birth control pill
  4. Discontinuity in the use of the products or excessive use of skincare products
  5. Frequent and significant changes in the temperature
  6. Hormonal changes
  7. Unbalanced diet
  8. Excessive use of makeup
  9. Tanning

These factors determine an important loss of skin moisture. As a result the skin responds with an excessive production of sebum. As a consequence it appears oily and shiny.


For most of the exogenous factors, it is easy to take cover.

For reasons of genetic nature, the choice and use of the right skincare products is decisive.

  • Choose only and exclusively delicate detergents and a not too aggressive tonic lotion.
  • The right cream must have a relatively low pH (4.5 – 5-5), it must counteract the overproduction of sebum, deeply moisturise and closing pores.
  • Purify and normalise the production of sebum with dermo-purifying and sebum-normalising masks.
  • Constantly exfoliate the skin to promote cellular turn-over and prevent the production of sebum in the pores.
  • Avoid too frequent washing.

The positive side of oily skin? In the long run, it can be more beneficial than dry skin. The ageing of oily skin turns out to be slower than other skin types.