Why and how you should use a toner everyday

19 November 2018

Toners are crucial in our daily cleansing routine. 

Cleansing your skin in the proper way is the first step to maintain its integrity for longer.

It is also essential to slow down the aging process and to boost the effectiveness of some specific skin treatments. 

But too many people ignore this. 

Typically in a liquid or in a gel form, it penetrates quickly into the skin moisturizing and cleaning it from all impurities left on the surface after the cleansing step. 

This first step helps to brighten and tone the skin.

It serves also to prepare it to receive the following skin-care treatments. 

When you should use a toner 

Morning and night after removing makeup, dead skin cells and impurities built up during day and night. 

Once the active ingredients are well absorbed, they carry out a specific and targeted action.

How to use a toner 

It depends on its consistency, you can use your fingertips or a cotton pad doing a gentle motion going outwards your face features. 

You don’t need to rinse the toner off, it must be completely absorbed.

Which toner

On the market there are many lotions with hydrating, soothing and purifying properties, it really depends on your skin type.

The essential thing is choosing the right toner using it in the correct way in order to preserve the integrity of your Hydrolipidic film, our real skin natural cream.

Using strong soaps and face cleanser or skipping toner alters in significant way the Hydrolipidc Film while, using professional products helps to protect and keep it healthy. 

How it works 
  • Helps to maintains your skin smooth, hydrated and elastic
  • Forms a natural acidic shield (pH 5,5) on its surface
  • Prevents the harmful substances attack the skin and the colonization of pathogen micro organisms.

So, if you are not using toner every day, you must do it!

Start immediately to get an elastic, youth and well treated skin.