Wrinkles: A natural process that can be slow down

5 December 2016

Over the years the signs of ageing appear on our face.

A natural and gradual physical process that we cannot stop. But there are some simple gestures and healthy habits that, if implemented consistently, can help delay the onset of these annoying blemishes.

For example, working out, not smoking, moderate sun exposure, facial cleansing with products suited to the skin type, eat healthy and balanced are all behaviors that help keep young and beautiful ourselves and especially our face.

Much can be done to delay the appearance of wrinkles which is a physiological process that occurs with the passage of time.

At age 30, in fact, the skin loses elasticity and the ability to retain water.

The first wrinkles of expression starts to appear usually on the forehead, the sides of the mouth and between the eyebrows.

As an effect of a cellular process of slowing down, the skin becomes more opaque and turned off gradually, while the hydro-lipid film, the main protective barrier of the dermis, gets thin determining dryness and dehydration.

Around 40 ageing ageing becomes more evident.

The cells responsible for epidermal pigmentation slow down their activity, the skin starts to produce less melanin, the color becomes opaque and the face looks much opaque.

The production of elastin and collagen, in fact, decrease, leading to a gradual loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Around 50 years, with the block of ovarian activity, the skin doesn’t receive the protection of the estrogen, which have a moisturising and nourishing effect: wrinkles tend to be accentuated and the tissues tend to relax more.

The skin thins and becomes even more sensitive because of the lack of calcium, which years is assimilated with greater fatigue after 40 years old.

Today, there are innovative solutions to counteract wrinkles,  acting directly on the cellular mechanisms, with results not achievable with only the use of creams. No need of surgery or needles. Among the most effective non-invasive technologies there is Zoner Anti-aging Trilogy.

In a few sessions, Zoner helps to restore the natural freshness of the skin.